Extending Life, Follow Up


In your response to the question about Extending Life By Artificial Means you said “Keeping people alive by artificial means is not God’s idea…”. I can agree with your reasoning, but I don’t find any support for your view in the Bible. What about people who have, for example, diabetes or other life threatening diseases? Would you still say that these people should not use any medication?


The context of the question was where a person was kept alive by being hooked to a machine and fed drugs. There was no life as we know it left for the person to experience. I was replying to that specific circumstance and not to taking medicine generally. But up until about a generation ago this choice would not have been available to us. When believers got a terminal illness, they died and the Lord took them home to begin their eternity with him.

While the Bible prohibits prematurely ending a life, I don’t think that includes refusing to be kept alive by having machines breath for us or pump our blood, or existing in a drug induced coma. After all, for believers life truly begins at death.