Ezekiel 38 And The Old Covenant. Follow Up


I just read your response to the question titled “Ezekiel 38 and the Old Covenant” and need to clear something up. Are you saying that following Ezekiel 38-39 Jews who die and have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah will be qualified for entry into heaven? If not could you please clarify what you meant by “it will begin with a reinstatement of the Old Covenant, which will be acceptable to God.” I have been an avid reader of your columns for quite a few years now but this answer is deeply troubling to me. Please clarify your position on this.


The questioner asked if the Jews return to the Old Covenant following Ezekiel 38 would be acceptable to God, and I said it would because there are still 7 years of the Old Covenant left to fulfill. This has nothing to do with salvation since the Old Covenant was not meant to save anyone but rather to point out our need for a Savior (Romans 3:20). No one has ever been saved except by the blood of Jesus, whether they looked forward to the cross like the Jews did, or back to it as the Church does. Hebrews 10:12 says the Lord’s sacrifice was offered once for all time. That means both directions along the time line.