The First Seal And The 7 Year Covenant. Follow Up


In your answer to the question regarding the “First Seal and the 7 Year Covenant,” you wrote, “The rider on the white horse (anti-Christ) is bent on conquest, but the fact that he carries a bow with no arrows implies his true intent is hidden. A man with a bow is presumed to have arrows because the bow is useless without them. If you can’t see the arrows it simply means he’s keeping them out of sight.”
Where do you see the arrows are hidden in that context?. I would think at that point of the First Seal the anti-Christ isn’t fully armed yet even though he’s bent on destruction. I don’t see “hidden” in the literal interpretation of that passage. What am I missing?


Daniel 8:25 says the anti-Christ will first appear as a peacemaker and will deceive people. Then once they feel secure he will destroy many. This and the apparently short time before the rider on the red horse appears to take peace away led me to conclude that he has arrows but hides them, as a means of hiding his true intentions. I don’t think after waiting all this time the enemy will make his appearance before he’s fully prepared.