Ezekiel 38 in the Millennium?


How about Ezekiel 38 being fulfilled during the Millenium and not before the time as everyone expects ? Consider the fact that when our Lord Jesus Christ rules overs the whole earth from Jerusalem with “a rod of iron” it implies that there will be so-called “sheep” and “goat” nations.It’s not going to be a world of manicured green grass and fluffy white clouds from the word go. We’ll have to build the utopian world ourselves that we want to live in.

But anyhow,the Millennium is the only time that i can see Ezekiel 38:11 being fulfilled to the letter,”…living without walls and without GATES and BARS.A peaceful and unsuspecting people.” I mean, living without walls is one thing but without gates and bars ?

This seems to me like going to bed at night with your doors and windows open or unlocked and leaving your car keys in the ignition.What could give them that sense of security ?


I appreciate you offering your opinion, but I disagree, starting with your statement that we’ll have to build the Millennial world ourselves. In the first place, we won’t be here. We’ll be in the New Jerusalem. Also Matt 25 says that the Sheep and Goat judgment takes place right after the 2nd Coming and all the goats are removed before the Millennium begins. For at least the first generation, there’ll be no unbelievers present on Earth . The fact that Jesus will rule with a rod of iron means that He’ll permit no alternatives to His rule.

As you may know, I believe that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 is Israel’s wake up call, the event that prepares them for the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week. Speaking of the outcome of this battle, God clearly says “from that day forward the House of Israel will know that I am the Lord their God.” (Ezek. 39:22) If we were in the Millennium, they’d already know it.

As for safety, in Ezek. 38:8 the Hebrew word means that they’ll believe they’re safe but they’re really being careless. So it is a little like leaving your keys in your car.