Ezekiel 38, The Rapture, And Revelation


I always thought that the Rapture was the sure signal of the start of the 70th Week. You disagree, so what is the sign of the start? If the Church is gone by Rev. 5, can we assume the Rapture occurs in Chapter 4? Something you wrote several years ago says the Rapture occurs around the time of Ezekiel 38. Where is Ezekiel 38 in Revelation?


The sign that officially marks the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week is the confirmation of a 7 year covenant between Israel and the anti-Christ (Daniel 9:27). This could be in the form of a treaty that brings the Battle of Ezekiel 38 to an end.

I believe the Rapture can be seen in Rev. 4. I’m not saying the rapture necessarily happens in Rev. 4 only that by the time John arrives in heaven it will have happened. When John was transported in time to the day of the Lord, he saw a group of ruling elders that had never been present in Old Testament views of God’s Throne. From their dress, their position, and their crowns they can only represent the Church in Heaven.

Beginning in chapter 6 the Book of Revelation becomes a commentary on Daniel’s 70th Week. Since the Battle of Ezekiel precedes Daniel’s 70th Week we wouldn’t expect any mention of it in the Book of Revelation.