Revelation, Ezekiel 38, And The Rapture


I’ve always been taught that the judgments (of Revelation) happen one by one, after the rapture. But a few of the Bible Prophecy sites I read have given links to other theories that they don’t happen in any sort of order, and that they could happen 2 or 3 at a time kind of. I was wondering how do we know which this is? Also, there seems to be a very big debate on whether the Iran/Russia attack on Israel will happen before or after the Rapture. Anyway to know for sure which will happen first?


There is no Biblical reason to read the Book of Revelation any other way than as a chronological series of events. John often used phrases like “then I saw” or “after this” to show that he was seeing them in order. Some say that the three series of judgments are really repetitive accounts of the same events, but by studying each one closely you can detect differences that make it obvious they’re not the same.

I believe that the rapture will precede Ezekiel 38. I say this because Ezekiel’s Battle brings Israel back into covenant with God, and I think Romans 11:25 says that the Church has to disappear before that can happen.