Ezekiel’s Battle And Daniel’s 70th Week


I have a time line problem with the Ezekiel 38 battle and the advent of the Antichrist. How this two events relate to each other? What confuse me is, that the Jews will burn the weapons 7 years long after this battle and they will be preoccupied with the burials too. If this battle will kick off the 70th week of Daniel and/or around this time will the AC appear with his 7 year peace treaty, than there will be no time to burn this weapons 7 years long because after 3 and a half years,the Jews will flee.

Because of the 7 years long weapon burning, I don’t think this battle will occur after the AC’s peace treaty or am I wrong? And the Bible says Israel will feel herself safe when the Ezekiel 38 battle begin. But current political events seems to set the stage for the peace treaty,not the Ezekiel battle.(It’s true that this battle’s participants are here and forming too.)And without this peace treaty I couldn’t imagine that they would feel safe in any degree. So,I’m very confused.


The seven year treaty that the anti-Christ brings is not the one that sets the stage for Ezekiel’s Battle. It’s the one that begins Daniel’s 70th Week. Daniel’s 70th Week is 7 years long, so the weapons can burn for the entire time. And remember, only the believing remnant of Israel will flee into the desert at the 3.5 year mark. The rest will remain.

It’s true that current events don’t seem to be leading Israel to a time of peace, but things are happening very rapidly and only God knows how this will unfold.

I personally believe that Ezekiel’s battle is a little time in the future yet. There could be many treaties in the mean time and one could bring a false peace to Israel, preparing the way for Ezekiel’s Battle.