Gentile Salvation In The 70th Week


I’m still having difficulty understanding how people get saved during Daniel’s 70th Week. I understand that faith is the cornerstone, as it always has been. But salvation will not be guaranteed, as it is now. The Jews will return to the old system of sacrifice and offerings. I assume, in order to maintain their salvation (prove their faith?). What about the Gentiles, like some of my family members? Will they also participate in sacrifices and offerings? Or, do the Gentiles prove their faith in some other way?


Since the focus of Daniel’s 70th Week is Israel, not much is said about Gentile salvation. We do know that the gospel will be proclaimed in every nation (Rev. 14:6-7), and that salvation will be based on the dual foundation of obeying God’s commandments and remaining faithful to Jesus (Rev. 14:12). Only the Jews will have a covenant relationship with God that requires animal sacrifice.