Gentiles Saved During Daniel’s 70th Week


I understand that the Jews will rebuild the Temple and continue the sacrifices because they will still not believe their Messiah has come. It will be as it was before the Church Age. But, it is my understanding that there will be many Gentiles becoming believers due to seeing these things take place and becoming true believers in Jesus Christ–without becoming Jews and taking part in sacrifices. Doesn’t the Bible say that there will be people from all over the world, every nation, coming to believe in Christ at that time?


The Bible does say there will be multitudes from every nation and ethnic group who become believers during the last seven years before the 2nd Coming. This seven years will be part of the dispensation of law. They will not offer sacrifices but will be required to obey God’s commandments as evidence of their faith in Jesus (Rev. 14:12).

Also, Ezekiel 40-46 makes it clear that even after Israel accepts Jesus as their Messiah and receives the New Covenant, animal sacrifices will continue throughout the Millennium. God’s relationship with the Church, built around salvation by grace through faith and nothing else, will never be repeated.