Gentiles Saved During The Tribulation?


In the article talking about the times of Gentiles and comparing Luke 24 with Rev 7. I’m not sure Rev. 7 shows salvation in the tribulation, but rather saved people that are going through the tribulation. I’ve been praying and searching for Gentile salvation during tribulation and Rev 7 is a favorite, but it’s not proof positive. I was hopeful about your Acts 15 reference to the temple, but that may be the millennium.


Rev. 7: 9 describes people from every nation, tribe, people and language arriving in Heaven. This includes both Jews and Gentiles. The Church will have departed earlier, and Rev. 7:14 says these people came out of the Great Tribulation. The Greek word translated “out of” refers to both time and place, and means they arrive in Heaven before the Great Tribulation begins. Since the Trumpet judgments begin in Rev. 8:6 these would be people saved after the rapture during the time of the seal judgments.

As for Acts 15:13-18, the main issue at the Council of Jerusalem was whether a Gentile had to convert to Judaism first before becoming a Christian. In explaining the order of things, James said Jesus would first take from the Gentiles a people for Himself (Acts 15:14). The Greek word for take means to carry away and is a reference to the rapture. It’s followed by the rebuilding of the Temple during Daniel’s 70th Week when those left behind after the rapture (the remnant of men including Gentiles) will have one final opportunity to be saved (Acts 15:16-18). You can tell this refers to the 70th Week because Acts 15:16 is a reference to re-establishing God’s Old Covenant relationship with Israel after the rapture, which requires a Temple. Also, Rev. 11:1-2 shows a working Temple during Daniel’s 70th week as, as does Daniel 9:27.