Death During The Great Tribulation


If one is living through the tribulation period and dies do they go to heaven to be judged at the time of their death? I guess what I am asking is will believers who die during the tribulation go to heaven while unbelievers who die go to hell awaiting the judgment?


The Bible only speaks of Tribulation believers who are martyred for their faith. We can only presume that the same things apply to those who believers who die of natural causes or because of the horrific judgments. If so, their spirits will go to be with the Lord just like it is now and they will receive resurrection bodies at the time of the 2nd Coming. Rev. 20:5 also tells us that unbelievers who die for what ever reason will be brought back 1000 years later with all other unbelievers for the Great White Throne judgment. In the mean time they will reside in Hades with all the unbelievers since the beginning of time.