Praying During The Great Tribulation


I just want to know that if we pray to God to help and sustain us during the great tribulation will He still answer our prayers or will the gates of heaven be shut during these times?


First, let’s clarify that those who are true believers now will be in Heaven with God during the Great Tribulation and won’t have to worry about whether He hears their prayers.

That said, some scholars believe that God will not hear the prayers of the people on Earth during the Great Tribulation. This is based on the view that the prayers of the saints are carried into God’s presence. Rev. 15:8 tells us that no one will be able to enter the Temple in Heaven during the Bowl Judgments, aka the Great Tribulation.

The view has some merit, and God has in the past closed his ears to the prayers of the people during a time of judgment (Jeremiah 11:14). But even if this is not the case during the Great Tribulation, you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have to endure the End Times judgments.