Staying Safe During The Great Tribulation


While reading Rapture References I was wondering if an unbeliever who became a believer after the rapture were to find themselves in that predicament where should they go. Should they go to Israel for protection, or some remote place, or stay put? Do you know any Bible references concerning this, or do you have any thoughts about this.


By some estimates about half the world’s post rapture population will perish during the end times judgments, so finding a safe place will be difficult. There is a warning to those who are living in Israel to flee into the mountains when they see the abomination of desolation (Matt. 24:15-16). This tells us Israel will not be a safe place to be. In Daniel 11:41 there’s a hint that Jordan will not be taken over by the anti-Christ, and that is where scholars think the believers from Israel will go. Other than that there is nothing specific to indicate a place that will be safe.
Logically it would seem that rural locations would be safer, providing you can find a way to keep yourself fed and sheltered. But since there will be natural disasters, food and water shortages, drought, and wild fires, that’s really only conjecture. It will be a very scary time to be on Earth.