How Are People Saved During The Tribulation?


If the Holy Spirit is sealed within us and we’re raptured before Daniel’s 70th Week begins, how are people saved during the seven year tribulation period?


After we’re raptured, we’ll no longer need the Holy Spirit to be sealed within us, since the event His presence guaranteed will have taken place. During the 70th week the Holy Spirit, having been released from the Church, will resume a ministry on Earth similar to the one He performed in Old Testament times. That was bringing people to the Lord for salvation but not being sealed with in them. All the Old Testament references to the Holy Spirit speak of Him coming upon someone or being with someone, but never being sealed within someone. Even David prayed in Psalm 51:11 that the Lord would not take the Holy Spirit away from him. You and I don’t need to pray that prayer because we don’t have that concern.

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