Face To Face With God


Exodus chapter 33, verse 11, sentence 1, is an example of the kind of communication with God I would like. I feel like not only would this type of encounter clear up any and all questions that one would have, it would also allow one to get to know GOD in a way that only a face to face, friend to friend encounter could. Is this possible in these days and times? I appreciate and look forward to your insights on this matter. Thanks again.



Exodus 33:11 says, “The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.”

What you appear to be asking for is an encounter with God that would make faith unnecessary. Some Old Testament believers had this experience, but they’re not blessed the way the Church is, because they didn’t have to have the faith we have.

In the Upper Room Jesus told doubting Thomas, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29) By this, He was saying that we in the Church Age would not see Him face-to-face as Thomas had and therefore our blessing would be great. And indeed, the Church is destined to be blessed above any other group in human history because we believe by faith, not by sight.

I don’t believe an encounter like the one Moses had is possible today, in fact, it was highly unusual even in his time. But I do believe the Lord will reveal Himself to you in a way that’s just as convincing if you look for it with all your heart,(Jeremiah 29:13) and as you grow in relationship with Him, you will experience how He communicates with you. (John 10:27-28)