Spitting In God’s Face


Based on your web site I have come to the belief that you can not lose your salvation, however, I have a question I would like an answer to. I have a friend that, once-upon-a-time believed the Bible and its teachings. It has been recently that she has begun soul searching and has been thinking about converting to another religion (which has yet to be determined). My question is “if she was saved once but then changes her mind and converts to another religion that may not even believe in God or Jesus, will she still keep her salvation?” I would think that choosing to follow “another god” is kind of “spitting in his face”. I just find it hard to believe that a person who was saved and believed in God and Jesus for along time, and runs into a point where they are not sure what to believe, and then changes religions, would still keep their salvation because they kind of decided to not want to believe anymore. Any thoughts? Is there anything I can say or tell my friend to help her find herself?


If you’ve read my teachings on OSAS you know there are only two possibilities for your friend. She was either never saved or else she’s forever saved. If it’s the latter, the Lord will be her shepherd and bring her back from where ever she wanders off to, no matter what it takes, because He’s promised never to lose even one of those He’s been given. (John 6: 38-40)

If you think your friend was really saved, tell her Jesus loves her, and will follow her no matter where she goes and bring her back no matter what it takes.