Faith In The West


A brother asked me a very good question (loaded as well) about why aren’t we performing the miracles as in the days of the apostles. I have heard of some great miracles being performed in other countries, but why not in America? In Mark 16:17 it states these signs shall follow them that believe… where has our faith gone? The Lord says He is not a respecter of persons, so I know if He can use Peter and Paul He can use me as well. Is it a matter of our faith not being at a certain level, or can it have something to do with our condition in this country? Meaning if we get sick, the first thing we reach over for is the medicines not the Oil.


I think you’ve identified the reason. The level of faith in the Western Church has decreased as our prosperity and acceptance in society have increased. It has become too easy to meet our own needs so we no longer have to present our whole beings as living sacrifices.

I don’t think we have any notion of the intensity of faith the average Christian held in the early church, or in places like Africa, India, and China today. But I’m persuaded that it would put even the most faithful of Western Believers to shame.

For example, how many would go to Church on a given Sunday if they knew that there was a possibility of being arrested on the way and thrown in jail simply because they were caught going to church?