From The East To The West


I recently watched a program on TV about a pastor/minister/religious leader proclaiming that he was Jesus in the flesh. This showed me there are false prophets amongst us and made me wonder if this is a sign of the end times.


There have been false Messiahs around since the beginning. In 135 AD Simon bar Kochba convinced the religious leadership of Israel that he was the Messiah and ordered them to take on the Roman Army. Israel’s subsequent defeat marked the official demise of the country and resulted in 2000 years of wandering.

Since then, Messiah figures have appeared on a regular basis. Currently the New Age movement is all excited about someone they call Lord Matreya Christ who they say is on Earth now.

Jesus said that at the end of the age there would be false Messiahs and false prophets, some of whom would even perform great signs and miracles (Matt. 24:24). I have no idea how many men on Earth claim to be the Messiah today, but I do know that they’re all liars. When Jesus comes, He said his arrival will be visible to everyone on Earth, like lightning is visible from the East to the West (Matt. 24:27).

Of course, when you next see Jesus it’ll be in the air, not over the airwaves.