The West Bank


I am an avid supporter of Israel and follow the news from the Middle East regularly. I am curious to know why the area of Judea and Samaria is so much in the news. They are even rudely described as “Settlers” which I believe is an insult knowing that the land belongs to the Jews. Why all the fuss?


The nations of the world do not accept the word of Scripture as binding upon them. Before June 1967 the so-called West Back belonged to Jordan in the eyes of the world, even though it had originally been given to the Jews and then captured by Jordan in the war of independence (1948). When the Jews re-captured it in 1967 and annexed it to Israel again most nations saw this as an unapproved action, and to this day don’t recognize the West bank as belonging to Israel. That’s why Jewish people who live there are sometimes called settlers.