Faith Or Fear, Follow Up


In response to “Faith or Fear” I certainly understand everyone’s natural fear for the future what with all the events happening in our world today. Your short response of essentially: “don’t worry, have faith … God will provide” bothered me greatly. Yes, we are to maintain a solid faith in our Lord and His faithful provision for His own. However; there should be a balance. I believe He expects us to be “Preppers” once He has forewarned us! What’s wrong with preparing for the future with whatever wisdom you have? I can think of several times that the Lord sent word to His people to prepare. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David were all given warnings and told to prepare. It’s a godly thing to prepare. Being a “Prepper” is stepping out in faith. I’m a Berean.


The response I gave, “don’t worry, have faith … God will provide” was a direct quote from Jesus (Matt. 6:31-33).

Bereans searched the scripture to find the truth. What you’ve done is searched the scripture to find verses that justify your opinion. None of them are comparable because all of them concerned a temporary condition on Earth. What we’re dealing with is a permanent departure to Heaven.

Saying there needs to be a balance is like saying we need to mix faith with self reliance, which is not Biblical. If you want to exercise your faith by preparing, then stop storing up treasure on Earth and start storing it up in heaven (Matt. 6:19-20), because that’s where you’re going.