More On Fear and Faith


I have a medical condition called anxiety, panic disorder. My brain does not produce enough seritonin. Panic disorder is an unknown and unrealistic fear. I have had this disorder all my life. According to God’s word fear and faith don’t mix. How does my condition relate to this? I have a lot of faith and when I have an attack instead of taking meds I pray. It goes away pretty quick when I pray. it bothers me that I am scared of everything for no good reason. How does the faith and fear issue work with this disorder?


By your own experience you prove the point. When you get an attack instead of taking your meds you pray and the fear goes away. This is an example of your faith overcoming your fear. The Lord didn’t promise we’ll never be attacked, He promised that because of our faith no attack can defeat us. (Ephes. 6:10-18)