False Peace


I agree with one of your recent writings about a “period of peace” coming after this current war, and probably, before Ezk. 38-39. When questioned by his disciples about His return, Jesus said, “it will come at an hour when ye think not” as translated in some bibles. When our wallets and bank accounts are full, when we perceive that the world is doing just fine, with no threats, and we go about our day to day living – do you feel in your spirit that this “false period” of peace as foretold just prior to Ezk. 38-39 could be precisely what Jesus was referring to?

Thanks for being there for those of us who are thirsty and hungry!


There’s no question, we all feel more secure and “at peace” when we’re doing well. Prosperity is an indication of peace. But I think there’s more to it than that.

A country’s people can feel secure while troops ring its borders to keep its enemies at bay. But for a country itself to lower its defenses as Ezekiel 38:11 implies, becoming “a peaceful and unsuspecting people” in a land of “unwalled villages”, requires that it recognize no current enemy. That means Israel would have to either believe it was at peace with its neighbors, or that it had a sufficiently strong deterrent that no one would dare attack.