Fasting For The Lord


My question concerns fasting. I read somewhere – can’t remember where, though – that we should not just pick a day and fast. That we need to feel led to do so concerning something specific, ie. healing or deliverance for someone, or for the answer to a serious problem. How do you feel about fasting and how do know that is what God wants you to do?


You’d think in these difficult times, I’d get more questions about fasting. But this is the first one in a long time. Thank you for asking it.

In Matt: 6:16 Jesus said, “When you fast …” Notice He didn’t say if you fast but when you fast. This shows that fasting is a legitimate way to approach the Lord. That’s because it helps us focus on whatever issue we’re praying about and makes us more alert to His response. But like all things, it’s a matter of the heart. Fasting to show yourself holy is a manifestation of pride, something the Lord cautioned us against.

When you’re bringing a matter before the Lord, fasting is a means of demonstrating its urgency and/or importance. It’s not that the Lord needs to be prompted, but when you make a commitment to fast about something you’re proving to yourself how much getting an answer means you.