How Is The Father Greater Than The Son If They Are One?


Re. John 14:28. What does Jesus mean at the end of verse 28 where he says “the Father is greater and mightier than I am”? I never noticed this before. Can you please explain this in light of the Trinity?


Only the amplified version adds the phrase “and mightier” to John 14:28. All other English translations simply say “greater” which is closer to the way the Greek word was commonly used in the Bible.

Jesus frequently said that the Father is greater than all. For example, John 10:29-30 He said the Father is greater than all, and then immediately said He and the Father are one. This shows there’s no conflict with the doctrine of the trinity. The Three are One but each has a specific role. Jesus was saying the Father is the dominant part.

In Psalm 2:7 we can read how on a particular day in history God made the second figure in the trinity His Son. In 1 Cor. 15:21-28 Paul explained that the Son has been given the responsibility to destroy all of His enemies, and when He has done so He will present the Kingdom to His Father. At that time He will be made subject to the Father so that God may be all in all.