Finding My Spiritual Gifts


I have a question about our spiritual gifts, and our purpose. How do we understand what is our particular gift, and to what purpose God has given it to us? Do we have purpose beyond an intimate relationship with Him, becoming more Christ-like and serving those immediately around us? Is being faithful in every day life our purpose? And if so, why do we have specific gifts? I don’t know what mine is. I have certain bents and talents, but maybe that’s just my personality! Insight please?


To understand Spiritual Gifts and figure out which ones the Lord has given you, I recommend first doing two things simultaneously. Study 1 Cor. 12 & 14 and pray that God would reveal yours to you as you do. Use a study aid like Strong’s Concordance to help you understand the meaning of the Greek words Paul used.

Then do some introspection. Think about things relating to these gifts that you do particularly well or really enjoy doing. Chances are these things are related in some way to your giftedness.

Finally, strive to apply Romans 12:1-2 more fully in your life. You’ll find that as you organize your life around your areas of giftedness, you’ll be happier and feel more productive, and God’s purpose for your life will become clear as well.