Flags In Church


We have found a Biblically solid church and have been attending for about a year and a half. We left our last church because books by false teachers as well as unbiblical practices were being introduced. In the new church we are attending, God’s word is preached and taught and everything is tested by scripture. The gospel is preached and Jesus is Lord. At the front of our sanctuary are two flags off to the side as a reminder to pray for our nation and Israel where we have missionaries. My question is this: Is it wrong to have flags in the church?

The reason I ask this is because people from other churches in the area claim we are a bad church because of the flags and some people have left the church because of the flags. I am confused as to why this is an issue.


Those other churches must be jealous. The only thing wrong with having a flag in a church is if you’re worshiping it (or what it stands for) instead of the Lord. It just goes to show that Satan will use any topic he can find to stir up believers against each other.