Four Camps Flags


I’m studying your book on Revelation. My question is, where do you find the information on the four camp flags of Israel?


It was a long time ago when I first learned this and I forget what my source was.  But a quick Google search of the flags of the camps of Israel will show them to be as I indicated.

The camp of Judah was located east of the Tabernacle and included Issachar and Zebulon.  Judah’s flag depicted a lion.

The camp of Ephraim was located west of the Tabernacle and included Manasseh and Benjamin.  Ephraim’s flag depicted an ox

The camp of Dan was located north of the Tabernacle and included Asher and Naphtali.  Dan’s flag depicted an eagle.

The camp of Reuben was located south of the Tabernacle and included Simeon and Gad.  Reuben’s flag depicted a man.

These four camps surrounded the tabernacle and their flags symbolized the four faces of the cherubim who surround the throne of God in heaven.