FEMA Camps For Christians?


Jesus said in Matthew 24:38-39 that when He returns it will be like days of Noe in that people were getting married and eating and drinking then the flood came. Do you think that the rapture has to happen before all the FEMA Camps and stuff like that comes down on us? Or do you think the FEMA Camp Dictatorship thing might happen and it will be a difficult time for us Christians but that the rapture would then happen at least before the revealing of antichrist? Maybe the eating and drinking as days of Noe is referencing Israel and middle east area but not a worldwide (or at least American) ‘business as usual’ condition?


No one knows when the FEMA camps will be utilized or for what specific purpose they’re intended. All we know is these camps appear to be in some stage of preparation. But the last sentence of Matt. 24:39 says, “That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” From this we know that Matt. 24:38-39 describe the time just before the 2nd Coming, long after the rapture of the Church has taken place.

I don’t think the Lord was describing a “business as usual” situation here. I think He meant that unbelievers, not realizing the End of the Age is upon them, will be doing their best to live a normal life, thinking that sooner or later things will get better again and life will go on as before.

This is why He said all the nations (people) of the Earth will mourn (lit. beat their breast for grief) when they see the sign of the Son of Man in the sky (Matt. 24: 30). They’ll finally realize that things are never going to get better, that the truth they’ve been avoiding has come to pass, and it’s too late for them to escape it.