Are Detention Camps Coming?


What do you think of the news reports that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has recently put out requests for bids on building temporary detention camps in all 50 states. I heard these camps have to be capable of housing and feeding from 300-2000 detainees for up to 30 days.


I’ve read some of these reports and while they haven’t been officially confirmed, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to us if they turn out to be true. For several years now, competent observers have been pointing to 2012 as the year things will really begin to get bad economically. They say this will cause tremendous stress on our society as more and more people become unable to support themselves. The combination of rising unemployment and rising food costs is a dangerous one. When people can’t find work they get discouraged, but when they can’t buy food they get angry. Since our government can’t fix the problem, they have to be prepared to deal with the consequences. It’s time to get serious about applying Matt. 6:31-34 in our lives.