Food In The Millennium


I have a small question really that I have been asked and I can’t really be definitive in an answer. In the Millennium with Jesus do we eat meat or do we become vegetarians?? Is. 11:8 talks about ‘wolf not being carnivorous’ and also speaks elsewhere about ‘nothing being hurt on His mountain again.


Man was created as a vegetarian (Genesis 1:29). After the flood, he was given the go ahead to eat meat, and man’s relationship with the animals changed. (Genesis 9:2-3) On Earth in the Millennium, Isaiah 11:6-10 says that peace will be restored both between different classes of animals and between man and animals. Not much is said about man’s diet, but since much of Earth’s population will be made up of the off spring of natural man, one could assume the diet will be similar to ours, but obviously much healthier. Ezekiel 47:10 speaks of fishermen along the banks of the (no longer) Dead Sea. Ezekiel 47:12 and Rev. 22 say that trees in the Holy City will bear a different crop of fruit each month. Ezekiel indicated the fruit is for food. Micah and Isaiah both mention vineyards and fig trees, and I would not be surprised to find bread in there someplace.

After He was resurrected Jesus asked for food, perhaps to show that he was a tangible being. They gave Him some broiled fish, which He ate. (Luke 24:41-42) He may have also eaten fish and bread with the disciples in John 21:12-13. This is the only information we have about the diet of post-resurrection man, so anything you hear about our diet in the New Jerusalem is speculation. I’m not even sure food will be necessary, although I hope it’s at least optional.