Will We Need Food or Not?


Thank you for the study on Revelation-my question is about the New Jerusalem–I was always taught that in Heaven we in our perfected bodies would have no need for food or drink or anything else we have here as humans because we died and gained eternity with Him. But in your study it looks as though we will eat etc. because those on “earth” will bring it to us–help I am so confused!


You’re referring to Rev. 21:24 which says the kings of the Earth will bring their splendor into the New Jerusalem. The Bible is not clear on whether we’ll have to eat for sustenance or not but it seems clear that we will eat.

The wedding banquet in Rev. 19:9 gives a hint of this. And in at least one of His post resurrection appearances Jesus demonstrated the act of eating (Luke 24:36-43) to show His disciples He was not a ghost but a physical being. 1 John 3:2 says what we will be has not been made known, but when the Lord appears we will be like Him.

So if you were taught that we’ll have no need for food or drink, you were being given the opinion of your teacher and not Biblical fact, because the fact is no one knows.