Forced To Worship In Secret, Follow-Up


My question for you today is in regards to another question that was posted, “forced to worship in secret”. I can not begin to imagine what the person who posted that question has to go through on a regular basis…having to try and to hide your faith because your family will disown you or, for some, face death because of your love for Jesus. But my question is, isn’t it wrong as Christians to hide our faith? Shouldn’t we be like many of the Old and New Testament believers who would have rather given up their lives than to deny the one and true God? Maybe I don’t understand because I live in the United States where I have the freedom to worship Jesus without the fear of being killed but the way I see it is that if Jesus was willing to die for us shouldn’t we be willing to die for him?


The person who wrote me is a 14 year old boy who became a believer at age 7 and was immediately threatened with expulsion from his home by his own parents. I can see how that would be intimidating to him at that age.

You’re right. Being raised in a life long environment of religious freedom makes it hard to imagine ourselves in that kind of a situation.

As adults we should be willing to lay down our lives for the Lord, but even then I wonder just how many would really do so if confronted. It sounds great in the abstract, but when faced with the reality I’ll bet it’s a little different.