Gathered In His Name


Thank you again for your wonderful website. I have been reading your teachings for over a year now, and telling everyone I know about you. I hope I am not overstepping a line when I refer to you as my Bible teacher. I am wondering how you interpret “gathered together in my name”? When two or more Christians get together, is Jesus with them even if they only get together for lunch or something? Or do they specifically have to come together to worship Him or pray for spiritual insight, for Jesus to be there?

The reason I ask this is because I am taking piano lessons for the purpose of praising the Lord. My piano teacher is a Christian also and she knows why I want to learn. We are working so that eventually I will be able to praise the Lord through music, but we are not specifically worshiping Him or seeking guidance. Though the Holy Spirit is already sealed within our hearts, would I be reading to much into the scripture if I thought Jesus was there with us?


Being gathered together in the Lord’s name means He is the purpose for and focus of the gathering. If learning the piano is for the purpose of praising Him, I think that qualifies. If you’re not already doing so, try opening your lesson time with a prayer, asking Him to guide you in your learning, and dedicating your time of study to Him. Then you’ll be sure.