Generation or Race?


Thank you for your faithfulness in teaching the Word. Question: Could “genea” of Matt. 24:34 mean “race, or stock of people”instead of “people alive at a certain time period”? I’d certainly rather it mean the latter, as our time would surely be short
before we meet Him in the air! However, I’m aware that others, C. I. Scofield included, interpreted “genea” to mean the former.


Matt. 24:34 says, “I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.”

The word genea, translated generation in Matt. 24:34, can also mean race. But remember, the disciples had asked for a sign of the Lord’s coming and of the End of the Age. What kind of sign would it have been for the Lord to say, “Sometime before the Jewish race dies out”. Most people feel that the context of the passage is better served by translating genea to mean generation. Since the signs weren’t fulfilled in the generation to whom Jesus was speaking, reading the verse to mean that the generation of people being born at the time of the first signs would still be alive when the Lord returns makes more sense.