The Terminal Generation. Follow Up


Regarding The Terminal Generation, one interpretation of the word “generation” I’ve heard is that of “age.” The pastor indicated that Jesus was basically saying that the signs he mentions will happen before and as the Church Age ends. Do you see any merit in this interpretation of “generation”?


“Age” is a secondary meaning of the Greek word “genea” which is translated “generation” in Matt. 24:34. But the context of Matt. 24 is so decidedly about Israel (the Church isn’t even mentioned) that it doesn’t seem likely to me that the Lord would have intended for us to see verse 34 the way your Pastor suggests.

And remember, the disciples had asked Jesus for a sign to indicate when the second coming and the end of the age would take place (Matt. 24:3) . Saying the signs of the Second Coming would happen before the end of the Church Age when He hadn’t taught them anything about the Church Age, and when 2,000 years later we still don’t know when the Church Age will end, doesn’t seem like much of a sign to me.