Germany And The End Times


I have a roommate who was born and raised in Poland. The Polish people still talk about WWII and relive it as if it were still ongoing. My roommate believes the German’s are in a position to try and take over Europe and eventually the world. I try and point out to him that the Bible doesn’t seem to give Germany that role. From your expert opinion, what is the future of Germany? Are they the ruling power over the European Union or are they just another country that makes up the whole?


Germany is obviously a powerhouse in the EU but I don’t see any Scripture to indicate anything more than being a part of the western block of the revived Roman Empire. Like France and England, Germany is experiencing a growing Moslem population, currently at 5% (about 4 million people). I remain convinced that after the Rapture of the church, world power won’t be defined in terms of nationality but of religion, and the religion will be Islam.