God As I Understand Him?


I’m a recovering drug addict/alcoholic of 20+ years who Christ took mercy on and freed from the chains of addiction one night whilst in rehab. I’ll be clean 3 years in July–praise Jesus. Nowadays, AA and NA meetings are part of my life and the thing that really rubs me wrong is the “God as I understand Him” bit. Its basically a free for all for whatever you want God to be. Since Christ is the only way to mortify sin in ones life, how are these besetting sins removed from those who don’t acknowledge Him?


Those who are able to get control over their addictions without God’s help are using the strength of their own will to do so. In effect they’ve become their own god. Some find it easier to succeed this way than others but everyone who doesn’t rely on God has a harder time than they would have had otherwise. Also, they may have found a way to modify their behavior, but they remain in their sins. You did it the right way, the only eternal way.