Did God Create Cain’s Wife?


Is it possible God made a wife for Cain much in the same way He did for Adam? That way incest isn’t in the equation, especially when God condemns incest later in scripture.


I don’t believe God made a wife for Cain like He did for Adam. If the goal was to avoid incest, God would have to have made both wives and husbands for numerous others as well. Also we don’t know how much time elapsed between the events described in the Bible. We only know that Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters besides Cain, Abel, and Seth (Genesis 5:4).
Incest was not forbidden until the Law was given in the wilderness. Previous to that time the marriage of a man to a sister, a niece, or a cousin was not unusual, especially in the earliest times. For example, Sarah was Abraham’s half sister, and both Isaac and Jacob married close relatives.