Is God In Everyone And Everything?


Several colleagues of mine are involved in new age mysticism and eastern religions. A common belief of theirs is that “god is in everyone and everything” and they often talk about “seeking oneness” with the universe. Could you please help point me to scriptures that address this directly?


One of the most basic principles of the Bible is there are two entities; the Creator and the Creation. The two are not the same and never will become such. From Genesis to Revelation it’s clear that God periodically acts upon his creation, but He never becomes His creation. In Genesis you can read how God made the creation and in Revelation you can read how He will judge the creation. In these two acts and everything in between, it’s clear that He always remains separate from His Creation.

For believers, it’s true that God became like us in order to save us and since the Spirit of God now dwells in us we can become like Him, but that does not make us Him nor does it make Him us.