God’s Plan Or Husband’s Will?


I recently had a “vision” from God. I have had these in the past and they are very profound and always accurate. I feel I know myself enough
to know when it’s truly from God. In my vision, God told me I would give birth to another child, a girl. This is after not having any children for 3 years now. We had agreed that our last child would be our last, but then I had the vision. In my heart, I feel God wants us to have another child. I was not seeking it, nor necessarily wanting another. I believe (my husband’s) reasons for not wanting another one are based on worries about finances and the fact that we have “out-grown” our home. I tell him that these things don’t truly matter, that God will provide for all our needs.

My question is, what would you do in this situation or how do you think it should be handled? Should one ignore God’s plan in order to make their husband happy? Should I just “blow off” this vision and pretend it never occurred? Or do you believe God will work a miracle if He truly wants me to have another child and that I will conceive in some way or another?? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


When God told Mary He wanted her to have a child, it so upset Joseph that he decided to break off their engagement and leave her. But God visited Joseph in a dream and told him everything was OK and to stay with her.

Having established His “chain of command” as Christ, then man, then woman (Ephes. 5:22) He’s not going to put you between Him and your husband to see which one you’ll obey. It’s not a case of either/or with Him. If this is truly a vision from God, He’ll give your husband peace about it too. Have patience and let them work this out between them.

While you wait, read Ephes. 5:22-24 and 1 Peter 3:1-6 again and ask the Lord how He wants you to handle this.

Praise Report: 6 weeks after I answered this question, I got the following response:

Hello Jack! I just wanted to give an update…it would be awesome if you posted it to the section where you answered my question, only to show God’s amazing plan for our lives and also to give God the glory…for He truly does still speak to us and He is very much a key player in our lives and how they pan out!

I am indeed pregnant! God gave my husband peace about it and we found out a week ago!
Now, whether it’s a girl or not remains to be seen…will keep you updated!