God’s Wheels


In your article The End Times According To Daniel Part One, I came across this sentence; ‘His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze.’ – from the Dan. 7:9-10 paragraph.

Why are there wheels on God’s throne? Aren’t wheels a thing we men use to help us move things?

This is God’s throne here. Why does it have wheels?


The wheels you refer to are described in detail in Ezekiel 1 beginning at verse 15, and Ezekiel 10 beginning at verse 9. The wheels are apparently the means by which the 4 cherubim who guard the throne of God get around. Each wheel is intersected at 90 degrees by another wheel allowing the cherubim to move in one of four possible directions.

Theologians offer various opinions on the purpose and function of the wheels, but as far as I can tell nobody really knows anything more than the two passages in Ezekiel reveal.

I guess we now know Who really invented the wheel.