Gospel of Mark


First of all, I think your website is excellent and you are doing a great job. I’ve been doing some research on the Book of Mark in an effort to learn the following. Who was the author, who was the author speaking to and when was it written? Your response will be greatly appreciated.


The Book of Mark is actually Peter’s account of his life with Jesus, written at his request by Mark. Mark was a young man who had been in the company of the disciples, being the son of a woman named Mary (not the Lord’s mother) who according to Acts 12:12 provided a meeting place for believers in the early days of the church. Later, Mark traveled with Paul and Barnabas, who was Mark’s uncle and is mentioned in the Book of Acts as well as Colossians.

Many scholars believe that Peter had a Roman audience in mind as he dictated his thoughts. Mark’s gospel is thought to be the earliest one written and was in circulation about 25 years after the crucifixion.

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