Great White Throne Judgment


Recently I was watching a very popular television evangelist and his sermon was on the Judgments. He stated that at the White Throne judgment, he, and everybody in the congregation, all those watching on television and listening on the radio would have to account for every bad/wrong word spoken and all our bad deeds during our lifetime (Rev 20: 12). How does this stack up with the belief that we confess our sins, have a heartfelt belief that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and arose on the third day, then our sins are forgiven and cast into the deepest sea, never to be remembered?



Unless the televangelist you saw, everyone in his congregation, and everyone watching or listening are all unbelievers, then he’s wrong. The Great White Throne judgment of Rev. 20:11-15 is for the unsaved dead. It takes place at the end of the Millennium, 1000 years after the Church has taken up residence in the New Jerusalem and the Lord has returned to reign on Earth.