Will We Witness The Great White Throne Judgment?


I’m very, very thankful for your site! I’d like to ask you a question about the Great White Throne judgment. My mom use to say that believers would not be at the judgment of the unbelievers, because it would be too painful for them to see people they knew, being thrown into the lake of fire. I believe we will be there, because we will forever be with the Lord. Would you tell me what you think about this?


To me the idea that after the rapture we’ll be with the Lord forever doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll tag along where ever He goes and participate in what ever He does. It means we will belong to Him and live where He lives. Rev. 20:11 says that Earth and Heaven will flee from God’s presence at the time of the judgment and there will be no place for them. I think this means we won’t be present at the judgment of unbelievers.