Greedy Or Generous?


I find myself often just flush with greed. I have much; I have more than enough financially and I have advanced to a healthy old age. Yet I seem to have the idea that, “if I had more I could contribute more to God’s work in the world.” Yet by most giving standards I do give far more than a tithe. I mean much more. Got any suggestions as to what is wrong with me? Is it just a worldly attitude? God forbid that an old person would be guilty of that!


Greed implies you’re trying to get more to satisfy your own selfish needs. But you would like more so you would have more to give. There’s nothing wrong with your attitude. In fact you are a good example of Paul’s promise in 2 Cor. 9:11. “You will be made rich in every way so you can be generous on every occasion.” Keep being a generous giver and the Lord will keep blessing you with more to give.