If I Know I’ll Be Blessed, Am I Being Greedy By Giving?


I just read your weekly article,” What kind of life can we expect “. I agree with what you said, but I worry that I am being one of the greedy ones. When we give, in the back of my mind I am excited to see how God is going to bless me. Also it just makes me happy to give to others. I have never given without wishing it could be more. We own our farm and do not have any debt, so I am not looking for anything. I am just excited to see how God is going to work. Can you make sense of what I am asking?


The issue is not whether we believe we’ll be blessed by giving to others or are excited to see how it will happen. Having put these things in His Word, the Lord expects us to know about them. The issue is the motive in our heart when we give. As long as it’s out of gratitude for what we’ve already received, we can believe we’ll be blessed and are storing up treasure in heaven as a result of our generosity and everything will be fine.