Guarding The Throne Of God?


Your article on evil was terrific. It’s such a joy to learn from someone who thinks Biblically and is conversant with Scripture. But one thing you said got me curious. You talk about Lucifer’s original purpose being to guard the throne of God. What did it need guarding from? Couldn’t God guard it Himself?


Since God can take care of Himself, it’s more a ceremonial guard than a protective one. Think of the Cherubim as a symbol of God’s authority. According to Rev. 4:8-9 their primary activity is to give glory, honor, and thanks to God. The notion of guarding comes from the Hebrew language of Ezekiel 28:14 where the word describing the function of the Cherubim literally means “to block, or stop the approach.” As a result some translations of Ezekiel 28:14 refer to Satan as a guardian cherub.