Where Are God’s Throne And Temple?


Reading your ‘Revelation Times’, a question or two has arisen re Rev 7. If the post rapture martyrs are not the church, and they are not Israel, where do you see the temple of God in which they serve? Is this in heaven rather than earth? You use the phrase ‘a privileged existence in eternity’ – do they have a part to play during the millennium? Rev 22 is set during the millennium – here the servants of God are again mentioned. Which servants, for in this temple is it not Israel that serves? Another question, what happens to those on earth, be they Israel or the nations, during the millennium when they die?


By saying that Tribulation Martyrs have a privileged place in eternity, I didn’t mean to imply they would be absent during the Millennium. I was trying to say that they have an eternal destiny that while different from the Church’s will be one of privilege. Rev. 20:4 says they’ll come to life at the time of the 2nd coming. In Ezekiel 43:7 the Lord said he will dwell on His throne in the Temple in Israel forever. And Rev. 21:22 says there is no Temple in the New Jerusalem. But Rev. 7:15 says the tribulation martyrs will be before God’s throne and will serve Him in His Temple. This would indicate some role for them in the Temple on Earth. Rev. 22:3 seems to confirm this.

The bible is silent on the final destiny of those who die on Earth during the Millennium, whether saved or not.