Guided By Gog?


In regards to Vladimir Putin’s recent presidential victory and it’s relevance to Ezekiel 38. From one of your audio studies you speculated that Gog is a supernatural figure. From your studies it was conveyed Daniel 10:12-13 seems to imply that every earthly kingdom and/or government is influenced by a spiritual power. Therefore if Gog is not human then could President Putin be manipulated by this supernatural being?


Gog appears three times in Scripture, Amos 7:1 (Septuagint only), Ezekiel 38:2, and Rev. 20:8. Because of the wide time spans between these appearances, I’ve concluded that Gog is a supernatural being, perhaps Satan’s equivalent of the Archangel Michael.

Many scholars believe that since the whole world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19) then every human government is influenced by one of his agents. As examples, Isaiah 14:8 refers to Satan as the King of Babylon, and Ezekiel 28:12 called him the King of Tyre. In Daniel 10:12 an angel sent to Daniel said he was detained by the prince of Persia, until Michael came to free him, and in Daniel 10:20 the same angel said he had to fight against the prince of Persia again and after him the prince of Greece would come. These references are obviously to supernatural beings.

There are numerous historical references linking the descendants of Noah’s grandson Magog to the nation we know as Russia, and Ezekiel 38:2 identifies Gog as being from Magog. Therefore it’s reasonable to assume that Gog is the supernatural power behind the Russian throne. Since Vladimir Putin currently occupies that throne it’s likely that Gog is whispering in his ear.