Finding Gog, Follow Up


In your recent article, FINDING GOG, the following statement was made….

“The Bible clearly states that behind the human seats of government stand supernatural figures manipulating the thoughts and actions of the world’s leaders. These figures are in Satan’s employ, helping in his effort to wrest ownership of Planet Earth from its Creator.”

I would appreciate if you could provide scriptural reference to support this statement. I am aware the Bible states clearly that God creates and establishes the kings of all nations, but can not find any supporting verses to clearly support the quote from this recent article.


The Bible offers several examples of the supernatural forces behind human thrones. I believe there are enough of these to make it a general principle.

In Isaiah 14 beginning at verse 3 the Lord began a taunt against the King of Babylon. Then in verse 12 He identifies this king as Lucifer (KJV) and goes on to describe his rebellion against God and eventual fall.

In Ezekiel 28 we see a similar situation with the Lord speaking first of the human king of Tyre and then verse 11, still calling him the king of Tyre, He began describing circumstances and events no human king has ever experienced. It’s clear He was again speaking of Satan.

In Daniel 10, the prophet wrote of a vision he saw in the third year of the Persian Empire while on a fast to gain understanding of prophetic events. In the 21st day of his fast an angel came to him apologizing for taking so long to reach him. He had been detained by one he called the prince of Persia and had to summon Michael the archangel for help in getting free (Daniel 10:12-13). Then in verses 20-21 the angel said he would have to continue his fight against the prince of Persia and after that the prince of Greece would come.

Angels cannot be not detained by humans, and whoever detained this angel was so powerful that it took Michael to free him. Also, the Greek Empire was still 200 years in the future at the time.